I suspect as one reporter stated, it was probably an investigative reporters nosing around which alerted Kavanaugh allies of an impending story. He would be engaged in getting ahead of the story but not necessarily suborning perjury.

More difficult and probably indefensible would be the LIE he told the committee.

However, back to reality, Republicans do not care if J Kavanaugh eats babies for breakfast or has pubic sex with porn stars, he is their man, and especially now that he has become a lightening rod for the battle between the right and the left.

If you believe rational thought and arguments will win the day and that Republicans will see the light, then I have a well known bridge which has been sold on numerous occasions to people who believe in ideals which do not exist. Not to be overly harsh but we are in a Darwinian death match ... survival of ideals ... this is primal ... and the imperative is to ensure survival of your ideals. If you see rational thought and arguments in any of that ... well, you have not seen Sen Graham make an arse of himself
ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty
Get off the crazy train!!! ... dump Trump