The corruption of the GOP has no bounds.

I think that's been clear for some time now. Look at the indictment and conviction rate of Republicans vs Democrats over the last 50 years or so. Look at the failure of Republicans to do anything...anything at all, that might help anyone but the richest among us.

Republicans look at the vast wealth of the United States of America and say "How can I get more of this for myself."

Democrats look at this same wealth and say "How can we use this to make everyone's life better.

Kavanaugh will be seated on the supreme court. His decisions will make poor people suffer even more and enrich the already wealthy even further.

And the minions will rejoice at the suffering of the poor.

I hope he takes special revenge upon your party's hopes and prayers. I hope he takes special pleasure in stopping anything that your party wants his vote for. Payback is a bitch, and if/when he is confirmed, the Democratic party will become his.
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