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I think its pretty interesting to what extent that the Republicans will go to get Kavanaugh into the supreme court.

It's a political pissing contest. They can't ever once let the enemy get the upper hand. They took some damage but they stood by their refusal to ever compromise on anything.
Merrick Garland didn't hurt them, this won't hurt them.
But, it WILL hurt Us, plenty.

I'm currently at the happiest place on earth, it's my birthday, but, I'm miserable at the place we find ourselves, politically and socially, with the farce of a hearing, the joke of an "investigation", and the cavalier bullying in the Senate. That someone as richly undeserving of elevation to the Supreme Court, and as unpopular and unrepresentative, as Brett Kavanaugh, is about to be, is unnerving. It's hard to be happy and idealistic in such pessimistic times. No one in power cares about "The good of the country" anymore.