It is endlessly depressing, as someone who absolutely loves the Constitution and what it represents, to have Brett Kavanaugh elevated to the Supreme Court. As I've opined before, and as 2400 law professors stated in writing, his partisan intemperance during his hearing alone disqualified him from the bench. But qualification no longer applies - ideological obedience trumps everything.

The majority of Supreme Court Justices are now Federalist Society adherents. It cannot be overstated how destructive that is. The Federalist Society is not "conservative" in its views. It is the definition of extremism.
The Federalist Society claims to value the so-called strict construction of the Constitution, but this supposedly neutral mode of constitutional interpretation lines up suspiciously well with Republican policy preferences ó say, gutting laws that protect voting rights, or opening the floodgates to unlimited political spending, or undermining womenís reproductive freedom, or destroying public-sector labor unionsí ability to stand up for the interests of workers.
NYT Editorial Board, "Thereís So Much You Donít Know About Brett Kavanaugh".

"Textual" to the FS means tribal. "Originalism" is code for "our way", and regards any precedent that doesn't achieve their ends as anathema. The FS is extremely undemocratic and certainly anti-minority. FS justices have used the flimsiest of excuses to gut laws and regulations, create new doctrines out of whole cloth, and ignore or reverse centuries of jurisprudence - going back to the 1880s (I'm not kidding). They gutted the Voting Rights Act, for crying out loud, and are gunning for the Civil Rights Act. They oppose regulation of corporations, promote hidden money in politics, are financed by the Koch brothers, and could be the second coming of the Nazi party. I'm not whistling Dixie here (although they may be). See for yourself: federalist society webpage; Wikipedia. We are in mortal danger of becoming a banana republic where even taking Congress and the White House won't matter.