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Quoting the NYT is a little like quoting WND or NewsMax. There is nothing in the NYT that a conservative would believe. They are the ultimate fake news provider. Tim

Where do you go for your news, Tim?

Everywhere I can.

Online I look at the Washington Times, the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, Drudge, WSJ. From Drudge, I follow the links to the relevant content.

Live, I watch the local news channels. I have very little interest in the major talking head channels. Fox, CNN and MSNBC are all useless mouthpieces and deserve to die a painful electronic death, electron by electron.

The NYT is just another mouthpiece of the left and cannot be trusted to tell the truth. It seems like their editorial board decides what the slant of the news coverage will be that the news division produces. The Boston Globe is the same as the NYT, but I have no choice but to use it as a resource for local information.

Drudge is great because he has all of the links that let me go where the news is most pertinent, especially the foreign links.

It is hard to find unbiased news, and that is disappointing. What I find myself doing to surfing news and trying to piece together the truth. Every newspaper has to be associated with a political philosophy today, there isn't a truly non-partisan news source available. The press leans mostly left, which from your perspective must seems like a blessing, but it makes people like me dismiss major outlets because they cannot be trusted to tell the whole story and what they do tell us is slanted to meet their papers agenda.

Most journalists are writing fiction, some are writing science fiction. There is nothing in the market that I can truly believe. The news today cannot be trusted, it is put through a filter and what comes out is no longer accurate. I try to understand who, what, where, when and why. That turn of a phrase is no longer what drives journalism.

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