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Gee, it must be difficult to be you. Seems like everybody is out to get you. So-called mainstream media (the 99%) says your favorite sources of "truth" (the 1%) are all fake.

Even the Wall Street Journal (which is pretty good on financial news) is now owned by Rupert Murdock. The problem is that editors-in-chief at his newspapers have admitted in court that their products are just for entertainment, not news. The are essentially just a big Nigerian Letter scam, putting the maximum amount of money in Rupert's pocket. He's not even Red or Blue: He's Green! (as in money) If a liberal slant got him as good a return, his papers would be liberal.

I would suggest you try reading the Christian Science Monitor.

Ah, you see? It doesn't matter what I said I read, you would find fault because it wasn't on the approved list.

Look, this is the facts, 40% of the country leans right, 40% leans left and 20% decides at election. You would think that it would be in everybody's best interest to just report on the news and leave opinions to the editorials.

I don't really care what you think. I don't really believe that you are informed as much as you are brainwashed. The fact that I go out of my way to find news is a rare thing these days. So, enjoy yourselves, knowing how superior you really are, and I will struggle along knowing that I am just some poor shlub who is inferior in all ways. Then, when election day comes, I will realize that politics are like a buffet; with all of the choices there are really only a couple that I would actually want. Recent history says that the shlubs are doing OK at the buffet.

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