the Kav ran a gang rape operation

If you read that in one of your highly rated news sources you got conned.

Absolutely no one said that. What was said was, he was at house parties where there were gang rapes. No one said he participated. No one said he promoted it.

The reason Democrats kept bringing up his drinking was not to make an issue of drinking but to find out if he got drunk enough to pass out and not know what the frak he was doing or what he did during a blackout. Dr Ford claimed he was very drunk. Is it not possible he was so drunk he assaulted her and did not remember it? why yes it is.

There are now too many stories from Yalies claiming J Kavananugh was drunk often and was so drunk he was incoherent. There is a claim he ran into another vehicle while drunk and told the owner to frak off. While I don't give a crap about him drinking or getting drunk, I do expect a SC nominee to accept responsibility for his actions and admit he got very drunk and may not have known what the frak he did when that drunk. That you can not see that (and you say you are Irish) happening amazes me. But then you are a hyper-partisan so it is believable.
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