I am amazed. All this talk about what Kavanaugh did, or didn't do, to women. Until that actually gets examined and investigated its just a charge (sorry) On the other hand, his behavior, whilst being questioned by the Senate and their 'investigator' (and then ignored by them that brought her to the party) displayed a man that should never be a judge. He is biased, believes conspiracy theories, is flat out partisan, etc. On top of that it turns out that several judges serving with him have complained to the supremes about him for, exactly, the same reasons.

So, the Kavanaugh/woman thing has taken over the entire story whilst he skates through known problems, demonstrated on live tv! I gotta tell you, the Republicans are GREAT at controlling the argument and changing the subject and they did it, yet again, in this instant. Hopefully we will all start to learn this lesson in the fullness of time?