Fake News.

What Tim really means is not that the reporting is factually inaccurate but that the articles are negative reports of the Trump administration.

Thus we could rate "news" sources on a positive and negative scale of the Trump administration and successfully name Tim's choices for news by whether the source is positive or negative. The more positive would be the source for Tim. If the outlet has a negative rating it would be a fake news source.

So lets check and see if my theory has any validity. Tim's choices are Washington Times, the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, Drudge, WSJ.

Washington Times
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Widely described as a conservative newspaper. The Washington Times has published conspiracy theories that President Barack Obama was not born in America and that he was a secret Muslim, promoted conspiracy theories about the murder of Seth Rich (which the paper apologized for and retracted after a lawsuit), and published numerous columns that reject the scientific consensus on climate change. Under Wes Pruden's editorship (1992-2008), The Washington Times was noted for its association with white supremacism, as it regularly printed excerpts from white supremacist publications, published laudatory pieces about white supremacists and the Confederacy, and published racially incendiary commentary about President Barack Obama

Boston Herald ... sad ... at one time a highly respected rag but for past 40 years it has been a tabloid akin to National Inquirer ... o and it was at one time owned by Murdoch.

Boston Globe ...
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In August 2018, the editorial board launched a coordinated campaign for newspapers nationwide to respond to the president's "enemy of the people" attacks and "fake news" rants against the media by publishing locally-produced editorial responses on Thursday, August 16th

Yikes I would find it hard to believe Tim would read fake news

Drudge ...
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it has been referred to in the media as "a conservative news aggregator"
But may I refer the reader to view current web page to see for himself the tabloid journalism which some pass off as "news"

WSJ ... editorial board is conservative while news side has a liberal bias ...

Thus I suspect Tim would rather read something to confirm his bias than be challenged by fact based reporting which cast doubts on the competence, integrity, and honesty of the Trump administration.

O and still waiting for proof of your claim Tim i.e. NYT is ultimate source of fake news.
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