The midterms are not far away. Its generally agreed that the Dems should win it all. If that happens then the Republicans will get to deal with any number of investigations that need to take place publicly. The Republicans, being well aware that they are kinda vulnerable to attack due to lies, insinuation, and partisan fiction, have a plan.

They have now started to deal with that. The first step is to announce that the Chinese are heavily involved in the midterm elections - they just did that one last week. An interesting aside is that there is absolutely no evidence of this, doesn't matter. The experts of gaslighting are starting up with this one and, when they are done, nobody will know what the hell is going on. It will also be known that them bad Chinese have been up to something incredibly dangerous to us all and have, somehow managed to fix it so that the Dems won the election. That being the case (no facts, no nuth'in but, obviously, true) the midterm elections will be called invalid and all sitting republicans will keep their seats until its all worked out. That will last until the election of 2020 when, yet again, China is going to interfere. Oh, them damned Dems are also going to be investigated for colluding with the Chinese and their despicable plan to subvert American Democracy.

Oh, the demonization of ALL Democrats has already begun. Dems are Evil, they are colluding with the Chinese, also rioting, lying and cheating - according to Jackass.

By then we (voters from the Right certified by a commission created for that purpose) will realize that Donald Trump (Jackass) has been working overtime to fix the problem and, with the help of most of the National Guard and American Army, has things under control whilst incarcerating all claimed miscreants into the 'camps' built between 2018 and 2020 capable of handling well over 200,000 traitors. It might be noticed that most miscreants will have been voters from the Left, Socialists, Communists, Progressives, etc. Once things calm down (probably another 5 years) judges will be appointed and blame fixed on the incarcerated traitors. Said traitors will then be sent to another place (executed).

Oh, by that time we may, or may not, be at war with them sneaky Chinese who were, obviously, the root of all these problems. This, of course, will be determined by the degree of insanity running everything.

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