The accusation of Kavanaugh is that he spiked punch so girls would become too drunk or high to resist unwanted advances (and rapes), not that he personally raped them. Other accusations are that he exposed himself and attempted to rape Dr. Ford.

That's just high school boys being boys? Drugging women? Attempted rape? I was pretty horny in High School, and I NEVER did that sort of thing. I touched a girl's crotch once, and she didn't think I might kill her: She laughed! Maybe it's because I wasn't stupid drunk and my other hand wasn't over her mouth. My hand has NEVER been over a woman's mouth. That's pretty close to strangulation, and strangulation is the most highly correlated act there is with homicide.

Pinning a girl down and not letting her get away, and then holding your hand over her mouth so she can't scream for help is essentially kidnapping. Something else I NEVER did in High School. In fact, never did ever.