It is HIGHLY LIKELY we, the public, will never know the absolute facts relating to Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey, circa 1982. It was a very long time ago, there was excessive drinking involved, and no one investigated the details. I have little reason to doubt Dr. Blasey Ford's recollection, however, and well-founded reasons to doubt Kavanaugh's (such as his demeanor, dissembling, and outright prevarications). He'll never be prosecuted or impeached for that.

What is most important, now that he is on the Supreme Court, is how he behaves there. He should not have been confirmed, and would not have been in normal times, but he has been, so we have to see how he deals with it. I have little doubt that he will prove his Federalist Society bona fides, but there is a possibility (however remote) he could be truly independent. I'm an optimist. Hope springs eternal. My biggest hope, though, is that the tide will turn before Thomas retires and a real jurist can take his place.