The chosen one? The new film that claims Trump's election was an act of God
More than 1,000 US cinemas are screening The Trump Prophecy – which posits that God chose the philandering billionaire to restore America’s moral values

I recall a time when Republicans accused Democrats of viewing Obama as "The Chosen One" or a savior of some sort. We hoped he would lead us out of the mess George W. Bush had gotten us into(and he did) but there were never any religious overtones.

Republicans have gone totally off the deep end in their worship of Trump.

The belief that Trump’s election was God’s divine will is shared by others. Franklin Graham, the prominent conservative evangelical, said last year that Trump’s victory was the result of divine intervention. “I could sense going across the country that God was going to do something this year. And I believe that at this election, God showed up,”

Yeah, God hates Mexicans, women, and queers and this is his way of showing it. He loves soaring debts and deficits as long as the rich get richer and the poor die in the streets.
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