I have little doubt that he will prove his Federalist Society bona fides, but there is a possibility (however remote) he could be truly independent

LOL ... If this was not serious I would say it is pollyannaism at its finest. Here's what I mean.

The Federalist Society has learned its lessons well and will not commit another error in vetting. When you say "little doubt" what I think that means is there is a .9999 probability J Kavanaugh will perform as expected. The small residual probability will depend on whether J Kavanaugh gets stumbling drunk, blacks out, writes an opinion he can't remember and sends to NYT. So when you get optimistic in the face of these odds, I have to chuckle.

I have concluded with more than reasonable certainty, every advancement in personal liberty will be overturned (gay rights and Roe); every federal regulation protecting workers will be overturned; every law legalizing religious (Christian only) discrimination will be upheld; the stack of money on my desk will learn to speak and breath; and this list could go on. I recommend everyone visit https://fedsoc.org/ to find out precisely what is in store for American jurisprudence and its real impact on daily life.
ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty
Get off the crazy train!!! ... dump Trump