every advancement in personal liberty will be overturned (gay rights and Roe); every federal regulation protecting workers will be overturned; every law legalizing religious (Christian only) discrimination will be upheld; the stack of money on my desk will learn to speak and breath

Yep, sounds about right. But the more of this that comes about the less credibility the Supreme Court will have. The activism surrounding Roe vs Wade will be reborn when a few hundred daughters of evangelicals die from botched abortions. The obvious Constitutional problems with legislating against gays will arise, and the passage of religious laws will become more and more suspect as the nation grows more secular.

The Supreme Court will find itself under attack as more and more of it's decisions appear to conflict with the Constitution.
People will put up with a lot of bullsh*t but there comes a time when eventually they will rise up and show their displeasure at the polls.
Were going to see a small sampling of that come November and hopefully more yet in 2020.
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