A couple of weeks ago we were watching the 6:00pm news from a Seattle station. One of the segments was on a state school district that had fallen on terrible times. Their infrastructure was close to collapse (buildings and schools), the district had a large increase in students, the teachers were underpaid, etc. It is, basically, a genuine mess with no help in view. The reporter went on to say that in the last school district vote 83% of the parents, of the children in the school district, DID NOT VOTE! Let me say that again EIGHTY (80) PERCENT OF THE PARENTS OF THE CHILDREN IN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT DID NOT VOTE!

I, personally, am for making voting mandatory. Australia did it and it helped. Anyway, this particular case, I think, points out just how responsible the American voting public is. This IS a case of utter, shameful, irresponsibility of the parents of these children! In the last general election, in Washington state, a whole 38% of the voters even bothered to vote. I consider not voting to be incredibly irresponsible by any measure I can think of.

To vote, in Washington state, one has the ballot mailed to them and then they can mail it back. The state picks up the cost of mailing so it costs absolutely nothing to be responsible and vote. The only real cost is time. Even if you don't actually vote then sending back a blank ballot also tells the politicians things. Then there are those who are not noted for voting regularly. The Poor and the Young (18 to 28) are two that come to mind. There is another fact that is connected to voting. If your group does not vote then your group gets screwed. That is simple fact. The politicians know who brung them to the party and those are the ones the politicians pay attention to. There is nothing secret about this and has to do with taking care of business to keep your job. That too is simple fact.

Right now we are approaching another election in less than a month. The main subject of the tv talking heads is, right now, who is going to vote for who/what. There are a pile of speculations (tv speculation is the fare of the day and actual news not so much). Then we have the election and then we find out which talking heads had it right. Historically they really don't have a great fortune telling record.

The simple fact (another one) is that the American voting public is lazy, incompetent, irresponsible and apparently ignorant as well. There used to be a meme that went something like; "You can trust the electorate to do the right thing". I am no longer convinced and doubt that the American voting public even has enough competence to vote in their own best interest. Another example on this one would be the supporters of the Jackass. It seems that the majority are either on Medicare or about to be. These people are going to be dependent on Medicare yet they are supporting a Jackass who is actually destroying Medicare! They, the true believers, however, just don't believe it. There is no secret, it was on the budget and in the "tax reduction" bill (100 billion out of medicare, every year, until its dead). Seems that the 1% needed that money more than the elderly. What is amazing is that the elderly actually vote regularly! What is not so amazing, but rather discouraging, is that, these days, the elderly no longer have the capacity to act in their own best interest. What is really discouraging is that they are not alone in that respect.

Anyway, you might want to give this a little thought. So, when the election results are in, and your every wish is not fulfilled, you will understand it a bit more.

I sincerely hope that my conclusions are utterly wrong.