I have been noticing that the Republicans are using the way that Kavanaugh was 'treated' to be REALLY offensive. Its really pretty amazing. When he sat down for his act he had been 'prepared' by the White House for approximately 2 weeks. In addition the stuff he had to say was written down beforehand. Its also of passing interest that he didn't actually answer a single question posed, by either side.

So, we have the true believers beating their breasts, wailing foul, actually tearing up at the horrible way the man was treated. He was, basically, asked a few questions and his replies consisted of whining, tearing up, being the victim, and, well, you know, all that dramatic stuff that any halfway competent actor can due if properly trained and he was trained, in theory, by the best our government could supply. He actually did it so well that the very fact that he didn't answer a damned thing was only realized later.

Gotta give credit where due. The preparation and execution of the plan was done really well. Of course the actor (Kavanaugh) was also able to keep the script in front of him the entire time which was kinda cheating but the man isn't a pro, like the Jackass, so he needed a bit more help.