Being Christian is pretty much a requirement for believing in "the anti-Christ" (it's in the name), or "antichrists" depending on which part of the bible you're referring to. But, being "the chosen one" or chosen people just takes a certain mindset. "Believers" and "skeptics" just view the world differently. That's why the right wing loved to describe support for Obama that way - they just can't comprehend rational thought.

TIME magazine recently ran a cover story about How Trumpism Will Outlast Trump. In my view, the premise is wrong: "Trumpism" isn't some new and different thing - it is the same lies that Republicans have been spouting for a century or more, just repackaged. Yes, some of his positions are non-orthodox, but he's still given them all the fruits of their wet dreams. The article points out, however, that Democrats also adhere to many of the broken premises in propounding their policies. It's a matter of misunderstanding. What is most dangerous is what the article asserts: these "new conservatives" have learned to repackage their ideas for the reshaped electorate by downplaying the bigotry. But, it still requires the ardent support of "true believers". "Aye, there's the rub..."