What is most dangerous is what the article asserts: these "new conservatives" have learned to repackage their ideas for the reshaped electorate by downplaying the bigotry.

I have to disagree.

Bigotry has been a large part of the modern conservative movement. The transition is clear when one considers how the parties changed after 1964 especially in the South. During the transition Republicans downplayed the bigotry by claiming it was not a part of their party. The reality is and was that it was there and the leaders either lived in denial, oblivious ignorance, or intentional promoted the PC responses.

With Trumpism all the bigotry has been exposed and like Mr Trump's blatantly obvious corruption, that bigotry is now in the light of day. Republicans have acquiesced to the corruption, the ignorance of Mr Trump, his narcissistic lies, and his bigotry. That bigotry is now an open festering wound on the American landscape. We can no longer be held as a beacon of anything but 3rd rate nationalism, ready to sell out to the next high bidder.

We have lost our footing, but do not despair. What I know is in the long term progressive ideals will win the hearts and minds of people. These sunless days will become a reminder of a time when the heart of darkness reared its ugly head in a death throe trying to drag the rest of humanity down in the hole it resides.

Be brave and hold fast
ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty
Get off the crazy train!!! ... dump Trump