Trump worshippers do not regard the targeted individuals as actual human beings.
They are demons, devils and such.

Did we actually learn something, Bill?
From what I'm reading and seeing on political forums all over the country, people learned that "there will never be enough payback for Waco".
They don't even care that Koresh was a child molester and that he surrounded his molester kingdom with an arsenal, bomb materials and accellerants.
All they knew was he was a holy man, and that's all they cared about.
Their biggest excuse was that the Feds could have intercepted Koresh anytime.
Nope sorry, Koresh's followers were instructed to set off the mother of all wars if that ever happened, so we would have had the Waco tragedy anyway, possibly with even more deaths.

So have we really learned anything from Oklahoma City? Nope, I don't think we have. SOME OF US have, but a growing number of people refuse to learn.
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