There are, in my view, two kinds of belief. One is empirical - I "believe" the world is spherical, that 2+2=4, that gravity exists, etc. - because I can make observations that confirm those beliefs. From those beliefs, I extrapolate objective reality and form a belief in science and scientific evidence as a method of inquiry, and a basis for understanding.

The other belief is spiritual. It is based upon "received wisdom" and is not subject to - and often contradicts - proof. The existence of God, the 6000 year old earth, the spontaneous creation of mankind are such beliefs. Because these kinds of beliefs are non-empirical, and often non-intuitive, they are not subject to refutation.

Most of mankind lives in the first world and understands that steps can be taken to address issues like climates change, economic prosperity, social justice. The rest are Republicans. Republicans are the Neanderthals of modern sapiens.