I see Trump is bloviating some more about ending birthright citizenship by Executive Order, and some idiots in Congress are introducing such legislation. Despite the 14th Amendment being quite clear on the subject. Rep. Steven King claims that children of the undocumented fall into the exception meant for Ambassadors and such. But that exception specifically says it applies only to those not under the jurisdiction of the US. By his theory, the undocumented could commit any crime and not be arrested for it or charged, because they would not fall under US jurisdiction! WTF? Is the man insane, or just incredibly stupid?

I see this again and again, mostly Republicans promoting some "solution" to a problem that is 1000 times worse than the original problem. And they never seem to be able to understand that laws apply to everybody, so when they are out of power they will be totally screwed by their own creation.

I think we need something that punishes people who introduce EOs or legislation that is obviously unconstitutional. Like a $100,000 fine to cover all the hassles and court costs to throw it out.