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"Trump continues to push the false news that no one has done more for the US military in recent times than Donald Trump. Many veterans I know shake their heads in disbelief. After the political deployment of troops at the US border, after the monumental (no pun intended) presidential f*ck up in Paris and the following f*ck up for not making a visit to Arlington National Cemetery because of rain again Trump's flack team decided that a quick visit to the Marine barracks 20 minutes from the White House would make it all better.

Nothing like a surprise ass covering visit from a public official to improve morale among the troops. Yeah, use them again for a photo op to cover rolling f*ck ups the President caused only a week before.

And now we hear that the reason President Bone Spurs has never visited troops deployed in a combat zone is not because he is scared sh!tless, not because it might be raining but because he doesn't support the missions where the troops are deployed!

Here's what President Bone Spurs doesn't know. It is very likely that a majority of troops deployed don't support the mission either. But those people show up. They do it when they hate it. They do it when they are scared. They do it when they are dog tired. They do it when they don't feel well. They do it when it is raining. They do and then they rotate home and they do it again when redeployed.

They do it out of duty and honor, self-respect and out of respect for each other. None of those things - none - are understood or exhibited by their Commander-in-chief."

Side note: The author is a former member of CHB. smile
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