There is a book; House of Trump House of Putin. It lays it all out and everything in the book sourced and listed in a HUGE appendix. I may have this one backwards but Kellyanne is the granddaughter of a chief of the American mafia. The attorney (Cohen) is the grandson of the head of the American Russian mafia. That is just for starters. The jackass administration is, basically a criminal enterprise. There are now, I think, 3 law suits just over taking money from furreners. His various appointments, with few exceptions, are taking with both hands whatever isn't nailed down until it becomes so public that they have to be let go. ALL this kind of stuff is against the law! I would be absolutely amazed if Mueller hasn't been following up on all this stuff.

We have also been told that states attorney generals have been gifted, by Mueller and there are a number of them just waiting to have at it. He has also distributed more stuff to a number of federal prosecutors. I think this sort of stuff is just stuff that was not specific to Mueller's probe and I also tend to believe that there is a pile of this stuff just waiting for the right time to forge ahead. I suspect that time is when Mueller is done and there has been suggestions that time is getting close at hand. My supposition is that, when that happens, we will see not only Mueller getting indictments but both state AND federal folks doing the same.

I REALLY hope I am right!! (my history in the realm of prognostication is not all that great <sigh>)