Before I begin, let me concede that deception and hypocrisy is endemic to politics. But, the LEVEL of hypocrisy and outright mendacity within the Republican party is at a level not seen since Joseph McCarthy. It so far outpaces Democratic sophistry that it is practically incomparable. It behooves those who are the most deceptive (e.g., McConnell, Trump) to say "everyone does it" or for the filthy pot to complain that the smudged kettle is dirty too, but let's be real. It is Trump's primary modus operandi to project his failings on any opponent, to diminish and prevaricate at such a prodigious level that it boggles most opponents. Robert Mueller is not most opponents. His report, even if it finds no direct evidence of Trump collusion, will be thorough, well-documented, and devastating. It cannot fail to be.