A thought. The TSA was created, by Bush Jr. This happened, after 911, because the airlines did such a terrible job of air security. The fact is, however, that the airlines really didn't do all that bad of a job and the real problem was that the rules set by gov were simply not good enough. An example is the locking of the plane cockpit. Had this been done then 911 would never have taken place. That was the first suggestion of the committee that studied plane hijacks during the Nixon administration. Had all the suggestions of that committee been accomplished we would simply not be where we are now.

Now we have the TSA. To my knowledge the TSA has yet to pass a simple test of how well they find bad things being taken on flights. The TSA also, now, has more people in administration than the entire TSA a year after it was formed. (a good example of a bureaucracy run amuck). Throw in the fact that a previous head of the TSA sold an entire warehouse full of x-ray machines that didn't even all work and the problems with the TSA just continue. Now, to seal the deal, we have a president who has decided not to pay TSA folk but force them to work anyway, ie. work without being paid.

The simple fact is that politics have overcome all hurdles, on all sides, to become what runs gov. Here is a description of what politics are:
Politics is the process of making decisions that apply to members of a group. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance—organized control over a human community, particularly a state. Wikipedia

I find this very strange indeed. I used to consider politics to be the debate within and between differing groups within political parties whilst governance was between those who won the election and were dedicated to the betterment of the nation and its citizens. These are, in my own mind, two different, and quite distinct, outlooks on it all. I have no problem with the aforementioned wikipedia description of what politics are right now but not as I would prefer.

I keep on beating the same old drum. We a binary for of government, two sides. Each side is comprised of folks who, in general, agree with each other. They do battle regularly to see which group is in charge. One side basically believes that people need to be regulated or they tend to go off in the wrong direction (regulation is a necessary part of gov). The other side believes that Regulation is simply bad and takes the ability of the citizen to make the right decision, ie. takes away the rights of the individual). The theory was that both groups would work together, with each other, to legislate how gov should work. Neither side gets everything they want and the result is what they can both agree to. This automatically sets the results to much less than one side getting everything they want. Now everything is upside down. Neither side seems to have beliefs and targets that have ANYTHING to do with what the other side might want and each side despises members of the opposition. So, basically, our so called system is boiled down to still having 2 sides but neither side has anything to do with the other side. I can keep on talking about this but why bother? We are now at war with one another, to one degree or another and all the participants seem happy with that status.

Sorry, its just not working! If we keep this up there is only one result. We used to talk about 3rd world places where this was the status quo - now, however, WE are setting new record of silly. When I grew up I was taught that there are some things that would never be any of my business when it comes to other citizens. Another's politics, religion, sexual preferences, etc. are, basically, none of my business. Now, however, all these things seem to be everybody's business. In other words we have managed to get to a place where there is no privacy and everybody must know everything about everybody.

I know, its old fashioned, but I remain convinced that anybody's religion, politics, sexual preferences, etc. are simply none of my business. If anybody that I don't know, wants to tell me about their preferences, I tend to tell them that is none of my business and I really can live without that info. The best thing that happens, when I do that, is the utter confusion the teller displays - its priceless (for me). I also find it interesting that most of the people who want others to know these things fall into two categories, politics or religion.

Anyway, I just thought I would weigh in on this stuff (even though it don' have much to do with walls and things <G>)