I have been watching the current Jackass disaster with interest. I have also been waiting for the Dems to get off their collective butts and do something!

I am waiting, for instance, for a TV show that does the following. Points out that the Jackass is the ONLY one that can stop the Trump shutdown (it would take serious majorities, in both houses, to pass legislation that the Jackass couldn't veto. This is unlikely as OUR congress seems to be barely competent to feed themselves so actual leading or doing their jobs seems a bit unlikely).

I mention this stuff as I know admirers of the Jackass who insist that its up to the Dems to stop the shutdown as all they have to do is the will of the Jackass. The problem with that one is that the Dems, in the past have thought they had a deal only to find out that too was fiction (two times).

Anyway, the proposed show should do multiple interviews of those who live on the borders of Arizona and Texas. It seems that them that own the property, and live on the Mexican border, are experiencing absolutely none of the stuff that Jackass claims - no rapists, no murderers, no slavers just a bunch of foreigners that actually seem to believe that the streets of America are paved with gold and they want some too.

The Dems have always had problems with any attempts at educating the other side. The Republicans have never had a problem with not only educating but lying to make their fictitious points. The newsies cover this stuff minimally as they have found that coverage of Jackass is more profitable (does anybody even remember that time when the news was a public service offered by the TV networks?). Hopefully the Dems will, eventually get it and explain why a wall on the Mexican border is a really bad idea and, if you listen to them that live there its even a bit more than that.

Oh, I am basing this on the current news plus the simple fact that my wife has extended family living on the Mexican border (both sides) and they are fit to be tied. The only real problem I actually have about all of this is that many of her relatives are also Jackass supporters - but not about the wall. I have a serious problem with even understanding how anybody can support a jackass that lies a minimum of 70% of the time.)