He just had some border agent come on and give an unsolicited advertisement for a wall. He said 90% of illegals come across in an area where there is no wall. Of course we do not have any specifics.

Sen Graham just came out of a high level Republican meeting in which all negotiations fell through after 18 hours. Apparently there was some offer for DACA relief but these clowns couldn't even agree on that.

Let me say, every compromise offer which includes the word DACA will fail. Conservatives will block it and Mr Trump will listen to Rush and Sean for their advice, which is a resounding and in unison .... NO!!!!!

Even Sen Graham realizes that once we go down the path of executives with absolute power to do whatever they want once a national emergency is declared, will be the end of our democracy. I'll allow the reader to imagine where this could go.

The only hope I see is that the rational Republican actors will come to their collective senses and realize they can get a veto proof set of bills to reopen the government for business.

If you do not think talk of absolute power is meaningless or irrelevant, then may I point out there are a number of historical texts on the rise of authoritarian governments which explicitly paint this as a direct path to dictatorship, not just in name, but in reality. The question which should be asked is, who will stand up and be counted in this dark hour of our democracy?
ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty
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