Seriously, they may change their minds when airlines stop running. No paychecks means TSA workers don't have gas to drive in for unpaid work. (Plus no money for childcare, rent, food, electricity, etc.) No TSA means all flights get grounded. Same goes for air traffic controllers! Nobody can afford to work for free. The biggest worry is all the government employees who decide they would prefer to work non-government jobs. How do you get those people back? I guess offer a lot more money?

And remember, 5.7 billion is less than 1/10th the cost of the whole thing! Let him bully us into paying him now, and he'll be back again and again. I think the Democrats are doing exactly the right thing. Leave it to Trump to give in or McConnell to put it to a floor vote. Or maybe we'll get lucky and old Mitch will drop dead and the next guy will have watched that School House Rock episode.