A friend suggested that the ultimate outcome of the Mueller report might be the equivalent of Americans being patted on the head and told, "Don't worry about it, nothing to see here, just forget it. We will not be releasing it to the public at all".

If the report says that nothing was serious enough to warrant impeachment, it's a tough pill to swallow but eventually we would have to, and move on.

If however, "we never get to see it and nothing is done - - to supposedly keep the country from imploding",
I guarantee you it's a sure-fire bet that the country WILL implode, and EXPLODE. If there is anything guaranteed to set off a bloody revolution, it's the notion that justice is not done to proven criminals in power at the very top.
It will be a sign to Americans that the law is meaningless and absolutely worthless.

I dare Barr to try and paper over the report. Watch what happens if he does. It won't be "leftist violence", no sir...it will be people from all sides who expect to see justice carried out and respect given to the law. Any attempt to even try to pull a stunt like that would be tantamount to the law itself aiding and abetting, and then covering up.

I seriously doubt that Americans will tolerate such an openly blatant and brazen disregard for core American values.

Again, I am NOT SAYING that the reaction would be dire if the report exonerates Trump and his crew, it would be upsetting but not fatal to the country. I am suggesting that if the report is deemed to be so bad that it is covered up and stashed away and nothing is ever done, it would set off a fatal reaction from many sides, from Americans from all walks of life.

Your thoughts??
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