"It could never happen here!" is a common saying and thought. I find it kinda interesting, especially when one considers Venezuela. Venezuela was, at one time, the 4th richest country in the world! They continue to sit on the world's greatest oil deposits, etc.

Now, however, its a bit different. Over 1 million have fled, their inflation rate, last I heard, was something like 10000 percent, they have run out of food, medicine, doctors, and anything else you can think of. Its currently being run by a guy who used to drive a bus! Their oil industry is neither competent or very functional. They got real problems.

So, if the 4th richest nation on the earth can get where Venezuela has gotten, and given our current problems, I would humbly suggest that IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!

OH, and Jackass, our dear leader, is apparently considering going to war with Venezuela as well. So, he is going to save them by conquering them. One can only wonder?