It seems to me that Jackass is always at fault for everything that happens in Washington D.C. I have given this some thought and have decided that is simply not true. I do not like Trump, I think he is a danger to the Republic and incredibly incompetent. All that being said I think folks forget. The shutdown occurred due to an inability of the congress to do its damned job, pure and simple. The congress does not need the president to do ANYTHING! They have the right, and the responsibility, for instance, constitutionally, to control the purse strings, declare war, oversee the administrative branck (presidency), etc.

These are simple facts. If the president does not agree with what congress does then that body can pass legislation, with super majorities and simply, pretty much, ignore the presidency all together. The last shutdown was a really good example of what could have happened. They had everybody in the nation, for instance, believing that it was either the president, or the Democrats that were responsible. That, was a damned lie. Had we a congress with a backbone, and a commitment to their responsibilities and the constitution (which they are constantly mentioning), then all they had to do was to simply pass what the president finally signed, with a super majority and the shutdown would have ended - that didn't happen.

Then there is the Mitch McConnell thing. Some blame it all onto him. This is just another lie by those who haven't the backbone to actually, again, do their damned jobs! We were told that Mitch wouldn't let the senate do its job. That's just more crap. A majority of senators could have fired him from his job, an individual, or a group, could have brought something to vote on. Again, these are simple facts. I know, I am using 'simple' maybe too much but it is SIMPLE!

So, just to be clear, we have a craven organization called "The Congress of the United States". That group of incompetents have somehow managed to dodge the bullet. I believe that they should be held responsible for their incompetence, greed, ignorance and just plain old lazyness. The simple fact is that congress worked 145 days out of 261 work days. So, basically, out of 365 days in a year they work for 145 days so they are taking off 220 days which is approximately 7 months. Out of the 145 days they are in session half that time is probably spent begging for money and making promises.

So, the next time you blame Jackass for something please consider whether the congress could have done something about it. There is certainly enough blame for EVERYBODY when politics are the subject. On the other hand congress is right at the top for any number of messes we have.

Lest anybody think I am a fan of Jackass I offer:

Please note - I have not suggested anything of a partisan nature. We have 3 branches of government; Administrative, Congress, and the Supreme Court. That's it! Right now, as far as I am concerned, we have two that are simply not functioning, or doing their damned jobs! Our problems are, I think, a bit deeper than politics..........

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