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Then there is the Mitch McConnell thing. Some blame it all onto him. This is just another lie by those who haven't the backbone to actually, again, do their damned jobs! We were told that Mitch wouldn't let the senate do its job. That's just more crap. A majority of senators could have fired him from his job, an individual, or a group, could have brought something to vote on. Again, these are simple facts. I know, I am using 'simple' maybe too much but it is SIMPLE!
While there is much you say I agree with, here you are letting Mitch McConnell of the hook too readily. The "majority" of the Senators are Republican, and they think McConnell's mismanagement and unconstitutional behavior is just fine. Don't blame the Dems for that.

Congress should do its job, but you still have anti-democratic forces in charge of the Senate. As long as that is true, McConnell gets away with gumming up the works, and high-handed misbehavior. Don't blame Democrats for that - at all. The Republicans could have fixed this with the new Congress, but that would have meant being principled, and that is something they cannot muster. Party Über Alles. This is, I'm afraid a "simple fact" that you simply got wrong.