I am not letting mitch off of anything. The simple fact is that the rest of the senate is simply going along with him and letting him take the heat. They have the right and responsibility to offer stuff on the floor, fight back, vote him out, etc. They haven't even tried to do anything. They are just fellow travelers concerned about keeping their jobs rather than doing their jobs and working for the nation.

As far as blame goes I blame the whole damned bunch of them. They are great game players and seem to think that is enough. I can remember when the dems were in charge. It was not all that much better. They made runs as stuff like forcing political ads to actually put sponsors names on them, and they made a run at immigration, etc. I remember when they were 'fixing' the banking industry and, at the same time, running stock buying operations in their offices! They also actually made a run at taking away the rights of stock owners to vote in the management of companies they owned stock in. I could keep going on how the Dems behave when they are in charge but, basically, not much better, if any, than the Republicans.

Remember we have a congress that works approximately 5 months a year and the rest of the time is spent raising money to keep their jobs. That is not my idea of working for the voters and more like working for their own interests. This has nothing to do with sides, liberals, right, left, whatever. What it has to do is a bunch of folks getting paid to do a job they don't seem to either respect of have much interest in. They are like herd animals. They stick together, for the most part, some get a little skittish, but, for the most part, they just thunder around looking for more 'food' and little else.

As far as I am concerned its the whole bunch of them, Republicans and Democrats. They are broken, the system is broken and they just can't bring themselves, regardless of side, to do something about it. Congress is in session for approximately 130 days a year. However, that doesn't mean they are actually doing anything. Then there is their work days. They actually work something like 1 out of every 3 days. They spend more time flying home than doing their jobs. That's pretty good for a group of bums that get paid something like 170,000.00 a year?

I would prefer the Dems be in charge but to claim that they are such wonders at fixing and legislating is not exactly not much better than any other wishful thinking.

Basically I would like to see a complete reorganization of the congress. If nothing else it would be nice if they were at work instead of home trying to assure themselves that they will keep their jobs.