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Congress should do its job, but you still have anti-democratic forces in charge of the Senate. As long as that is true, McConnell gets away with gumming up the works, and high-handed misbehavior. Don't blame Democrats for that - at all. The Republicans could have fixed this with the new Congress, but that would have meant being principled, and that is something they cannot muster. Party Über Alles. This is, I'm afraid a "simple fact" that you simply got wrong.

JGW, NWP is making some salient points.
The Republicans have an openly professed hatred of functioning government since at least 1980, therefore they own the dysfunction AT LEAST to the extent that it derives from everything that they do which accelerates it. (i.e., the SHUTDOWN)
You've read quips by R's who are celebrating the shutdown and so have I so let's both agree that they seem to see it as a plus.

Now, when you add Mitch's refusal to even allow the democratic process to even HAPPEN, the equivalent of a cop who refuses to walk a beat, and Donald Trump's personal imprimatur ("I own the shutdown"), I find it difficult to go elsewhere to assign responsibility.
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