If Schultz even enters the race (he hasn't officially done so, yet), I think he'll fizzle quickly, as he finds his views are not widely held. The "center" is not occupied by billionaires.

We are all shaped by our roots, and he had humble roots. I think his social views are genuine. On the other hand, he has been infected by millionaire-itis. He has said that he's "self-made" - a phrase I abhor - which is patently untrue. He made some good decisions, had some valuable insights, and got lucky in life - but he didn't get there by himself. He had his parent's support. He's White. He lived in "the projects" - government subsidized housing; he got a scholarship (i.e., other people's money) to get into school; he got help getting his first job; he got SENT to Italy by his employer, where he got his insights; he gained experience through his employer in the business; he got to keep most of his profits because of tax codes that are generous to investors. He's been helped throughout his career, but he's blind to that.