I don't think that what Mitch did was right. All I am saying is that even individual senate members can propose, etc. Right now is a good time to start that kind of stuff as there are chinks beginning in the Republican lock step as Jackass gets more and more bizarre. Now, for instance, he is no longer just lying but, apparently, referencing a different reality. In that reality its the truth. The entire situation is getting bizarre. I watched when one of his ex-supporters, and long time friend, said he thought that Jackass was simply insane.

The trick for the Dems is to run some bi-partisan candy up the flag pole and just keep doing it. Non-bloated legislation that anybody with half a mind couldn't reject. Just do it by baby steps until the right gets used to 'reasonable', democratic, logical solutions to this and that.

We should also remember that Mitch, on the day Obama was elected, proudly, and publicly, stated that he would do whatever it took to stop ANY Obama legislation and they stuck to that for 8 years. So, basically, they gotta show Mitch that he would be wise to take a more moderate path just to get re-elected and his current crap is not helping him one bit. I suspect the Dems could help by just going to Kentucky with some vigor.

My main point was that whilst Mitch was bad he certainly had fellow travelers and, by keeping their mouths shut, they were in collusion and that needs to be understood and I was referencing them that are his current pals. My problem with the Dems was completely different but, it seems, they are on the attack instead of being guilty of not tooting their own horns, stating goals, and no longer ignoring the lunacies of the right. Hopefully this new trait won't stop them from any possible bi-partisan stuff that they can buy into.