I'm getting tired of the blow-back the Liz Warran is getting regarding her Native American ancestry.

Both the Cherokee and Delaware tribes have denounced her ancestry because she is not a Native American culturally.

Warren never claimed to be a Native American culturally, only through ancestry. Both the Cherokee and Delaware tribes never address the ancestry aspect, only the cultural aspect and denounce what they deem as "racial science."

Facts are facts, if your DNA shows that you're related to a particular group of people, cultural affiliation is not the point and to only identify as a group through culture is rather elitist.

Secondly, Ralph Northam was racist and bigot 35 years ago, or at the very minimum joked about racism and bigotry. Today, thirty-five years later, his views are quite different.

Same with Al Franken, different person in 2018 than in 2002.

Do people have to be held accountable for their past sins of decades ago? When does rehabilitation factor in - if ever? Hmm