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If Schultz even enters the race (he hasn't officially done so, yet), I think he'll fizzle quickly, as he finds his views are not widely held. The "center" is not occupied by billionaires.

Schultz is already appearing to be something of a horse's ass.
already quoted as blurting out "I don't want to talk in hypotheticals...etc."

Pfffttt, the whole idea of campaigning is to flesh out hypotheticals and create ideas.

I want folks to try a thought experiment involving Nelson Rockefeller.
Just for the hell of it, put aside his draconian crime and drug policies and look at the rest of his record.
I wager that if Nelson Rockefeller were alive today and registered as a Democrat, he could point to his past work and get a lot of respect, maybe even a win albeit he would have to make inroads with the more progressive camp. He would have to make a reckoning with his Bidenesque stop and frisk and his monstrous drug laws.
But look at the rest of his past record fer chrissakes.
Rockefeller is more liberal than Joe Biden, and certainly more liberal than Schultz and Bloomberg.

For all his proclivities and excesses, Rockefeller was actually a pretty compassionate fellow with a mind for social justice. A Republican...pretty incredible.

And when a guy like Nelson Rockefeller comes off as more liberal than Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg and Mister Starbucks, that speaks VOLUMES.
By the way, most of Nelson's policies worked, too.

That speaks volumes as to how far off to the Right Democratic pols are today. The funny thing is, if you look at the rest of Rockefeller's policies, even AOC could get him to budge a little.
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