The current talk about healthcare seems more a wish list than a genuine discussion of facts and costs. I believe, for instance, that medicare for all is a really terrible idea. I also believe that our system, healthcare for profit, is not only poor healthcare but incredibly expensive. Its really time that we take some hard looks at the single payer systems around the world. There is no question about their costs -they are, on average, half of what we spend! If you ask a Canadian, for instance, if they would prefer to have the American system, they just laugh and move on. The same holds for all others I have talked to. The difference is waaaay different than all the systems on political healthcare. Not once, for instance, have I heard anybody take our healthcare for profit to task. Instead costs seem to not even be a subject. When somebody suggested the end of health insurance companies our clever politicians immediately came up with a number of solutions to save the insurance companies. Its also rare to hear the simple fact that the United States is the ONLY nation in witch expected life expectency is going down. This is also one of the most dangerous to have children (and not dying).

The facts are pretty plain. To make a single payer system costs must be contained. This is done in a number of ways. Drug companies can exist but they are rigorously controlled as to profit and pricing. The same is true of every other facet of healthcare. Those against will go nuts and threaten everybody that if such happens everybody will simply die. The rebuttal, of course, is to refer to the existing, cost effective, single payer system. The simple fact is that they seem to not only providing healthcare for all but also doing it for half of what we are currently paying. That would mean that we would actually save something over a trillion dollars a year. What may be even more important is that those single payer systems are consistently providing better healthcare than our own for-profit system which seems more interested in profits than anything else.

These are, incidentally, known facts and easily researched. I could offer any number of studies and sites but, I betcha, you get the picture. Political healthcare is is an exercise in wishful thinking, its really time this thing gets examined with facts, science, and reality instead of all the obvious concern with our current healthcare for profit which is beginning to kill us!