I never said it was uncomplicated and believed I referenced the Monroe Doctrine as a reference point to our involvement Latin America.
Miscreant? Whatever.
Here's another counterpunch article that supports your assertions of neglect and abuse of Venezuela's oil industry under Chavez and Modero: Critique of Left wing support on Venezuela

But one could say the same of your Bloomberg and ForiegnPolicy articles NWP. Can you really say that our foriegn policy is not coupled to our economic strategy? To say that our foriegn policy is not focused on oil? What about Hudson's economic analysis was incorrect? Did Chavez not seek to set up a lending scheme to challenge US dominated IMF? I recall that proposal at the time it was introduced to other Latin American countries.

It's amazing how Libs will fall in line over 'humanitarian crises' and back military intervention. Even siding with the despised agent of Russia. Somehow that same indignation doesn't get equal treatment to other areas of the world like, say, Yemen or Flint. Nor does it have much memory of past Fascist despots we've installed in countries around the world. But give em a socialist and watch the 'fiscally conservative, socially liberal' start tearing their shirts off at the inhumanity taking place over there.

I think Chavez made the mistake of going in on state capitalism myself. Let's see what overt or covert intervention brings to the place. Can't think of what could go wrong. Hope your right cuz it looks like this grift won't be bloodless. Not that it matters much