I watched the mayor of NYC, this morning, rank on Amazon about pulling out of their 'deal'. I also watched Cortez explain what a really bad deal it was and what a victory for "the workers" the Amazon pullout was.

I have never really understood what Amazon was doing but that was their business, and they seem very good at that. The mayor said that Amazon went back on their deal and its all on them. On the other hand I have also watched the 'progressives' of NYC hammer the hell out of Amazon since the deal was struck. During that entire time I didn't see any real support for Amazon just a constant hammering by the progressives that had won their elections and seemed to be in charge. Nobody, obviously, sat down with these folks and explained the facts of life. Cortez, for instance, thinks that NYC was giving cash money to Amazon - not true, they were given big tax breaks predicated on the expected tax income increases they figured would occur (I think I read that those would be something like a 7 fold increase even AFTER the Amazon tax break) The mayor also said that the majority were for the Amazon deal - again, that may be true but there was deadly silence from everybody but those trying to "take down Amazon". If I had been Amazon I would have done exactly the same thing.

In this particular incident an ignorant segment of the 'progressive' movement got their way and are dancing in the streets over it. This is a really great example of apparent collusion, between media and a progressive movement. If the majority was for it the either media didn't cover it, or media did cover it but stood firmly behind the progressives in their efforts to sink the deal. They won, they are victorious and delighted with the outcome.

If these people continue down the path of hating all capitalists they will, eventually, bring it all down. Then we will be able to say something like; "Gee, who would have guessed this would happen?" Hopefully the Democratic party will spend a little time with their new crop of progressives pointing out who the real enemy is (Jackass). From what I can see there seems to be no interest in that which, I think, should engender a bit of concern?