Really, jgw, I think this is another example of the pols having a different view than the populace. Amazon spent 18 months getting cities to vie for their largesse, being predominantly, jobs. It was a thorn in the side of progressives everywhere that one of the largest corporations in the world with the richest CEO in the world, and that is decidedly anti-union, was using its size to bribe cities to participate in a fawning contest that rivaled a Trump cabinet meeting. Ambitious governors and mayors were willing to jump in regardless of the merits, so they could tout the "jobs", but community activists have a different agenda. They worry about housing, and cost of living, and tax breaks for the best-to-do, and long-term issues that will outlast the current office holders. It is entirely possible, but speculative, that the jobs Amazon was promising would bring in more revenue than the tax breaks, but that was of little import to the right-now impacts it would have on the community.