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It is entirely possible, but speculative, that the jobs Amazon was promising would bring in more revenue than the tax breaks, but that was of little import to the right-now impacts it would have on the community.

All Bezos had to do was sweeten the pot a little more, give some hope to the folks who would be toiling away endless hours for crap wages.
Had he been a bit more willing in that regard, he probably would have won.
Of course people wanted Amazon's HQ, but in the long term, they also want a future. And if that future turns out dismal, it's the pols they will blame.
The only people pushing the Athenian Straw Man Nonexistent Threat of Slippery Slope Windyfoggery (ASMNSSW) RE DEMOCRACY are people who have a misunderstanding/problem or hatred of democracy. (See AUTHORITARIANS)