Bezos did win! Then he changed his mind, after months of getting beat up. We live in a capitalist economy, whether you like it or not. Its unlikely to change. This means, basically, that jobs are provided by the capitalists. That's a given. If you goto war with the capitalists then you are, at the same time, going to war with jobs. This too seems a given. Not a good idea, I think.

The jobs that came with the deal, I am told, paid over 100,000.00 each. If you read the deal there was also a lot of stuff Amazon was also going to provide which included support for the schools, etc. If the mayor had explained the deal the same way he did this morning then I suspect many of the capitalist haters would have backed off - he didn't.

I am not a real big fan of hate, from either side. In this case it was hate against a company which was offering jobs. Not fast food jobs for minimum wages but jobs that paid considerably more. If the mayor was not lying each one of those jobs would have provided 7 times the tax breaks in tax income. I am not sure what is wrong with that. Obviously many here seem to think it was more important to stop a company, apparently because it was a capitalist company and little else. I also understand that there would be problems with influx, housing, etc. but that had been addressed.

The progressives got their dream, they 'won'. My problem is what they won and I really can't figure it out. As far as I can tell they won a battle that they were the only side on. In other words their winning made the feel better and little else. This is, as far as I am concerned, the real problem. Our politics, right now is all about winning. What they are winning, apparently, on both sides, is winning and little else. It goes something like; "I won and you lost" with nary a consideration as to what the argument was all about, other than winning. Normally that kind of winning is stopping something. In this case it was jobs and some other stuff, like increased tax income to solve other problems as well as jobs. Its a little like a community blaming everything on another community with no thought that there might be responsibility for whatever to go around. Nobody really wins anything for the community but they feel better if they 'win'. In the congress, these days, its all about who wins and very little about what doesn't get done. Winning itself has become the prize - screw the results, or lack thereof. Claiming victory is the important thing! (this is, incidentally, how Jackass does it and now, it seems, everybody else is jumping on that bandwagon).

We currently have a problem with immigration. Everybody, on both sides agrees with that statement. Everyday somebody wins in regards to immigration. Hurrah! The problem is that immigration gets lost in all the winning and is rarely actually addressed and sure as hell isn't getting fixed. They just passed a spending bill, they increased immigration judges by 94 (I think). How is this increase of 94 going to fix a problem where there are close to 1 million people awaiting adjudication? We are, basically, fixing nothing, just losing or winning nothing and then bragging on it. Seems a little crazy to me.