You may well be right. As usual we will probably never know the truth. On the other hand it seems to me that beating up on anything related to capitalist endeavor is being attacked. Amazon, for instance, set a minimum wage of 15.00 for any employees they have. They hire a lot of temps (kindofa seasonal thing, I think). If you google "amazon social responsibility" you will also find things of possible interest.

Amazon is not a candidate for the kindness and light award. On the other hand they have done some good stuff. Now, however, it just don't matter amongst many - instead they exist, they are corporate, they are bad, greedy, evil and do the devil's work.

Its interesting. There are videos, going back to the 1930's about people rioting over the dirty capitalists tearing down elderly buildings and replacing the with bigger, better, and more expensive housing. In other words this kind of stuff has been going on for a very long time and, as far as I am concerned, its part of the natural order.

On the other hand, if folks want subsidized housing for all then they gotta get gov to do something about it. Now add in that there are two main groups that don't vote - the poor and the young (the young are trying to address it, to poor - not so much). I am not sure what the fix is for this one. There is one, simply overriding fact - if the group you belong to doesn't vote the it WILL get screwed over.