Amazon, for instance, set a minimum wage of 15.00 for any employees they have.

But they took away other benefits which were worth more than the $2 raise most employees got.

Amazon pays pretty good and the bennies are excellent. They hire unskilled uneducated labor, pay them more than most other jobs they can get, are flexible with hours, generous with paid time off, offer regular raises and promotions. They provide health insurance, a generous 401k, and prior to the $15 minimum wage they gave Amazon stocks(which are quite valuable) to workers as an incentive. They will help pay for college classes.
If you are unhappy working there they will give any worker a $3000 buyout package if you promise never to work for Amazon again. There were contests, gifts, and free meals.

But they make their employees work pretty hard and hold them to high standards.

Seriously. My kid worked there for several years, she hasn't found anything vaguely comparable since then.

I heard my kid's daily report of how awful Amazon was and all I could think was how easy her job sounded compared to my career in construction. If I was still physically able to work, I would love to work for Amazon.
Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...