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And, interestingly, we did not do things like they did in the Soviet Union (which was never really socialist, anyway, except in name... but not enough room for that here). Most of the programs that FDR implemented started life as part of the Socialist Party's platforms of the late 1920's to 30's. Because of Roosevelt's popularity and longevity, the Democratic Party crowded the Socialists out nearly entirely, leading to their breakup and eventual reorganization. And that, really, explains the current divisions between Social Democrats and Democratic Socialists in the current parlance.

It's interesting that the wickapedia link of the history of leftism in america makes no mention of the two political repressions that had occurred. One after the Bolshevic revolution and the other after WW2.
Both right wing parties today have used the now familiar 'repress the left' as a means for getting out of a political jam.

We will see it with the Sanders campaign by right wingers in the democratic party as were seeing it happen now in the Labour party of the U.K. We've been watching it applied to AOC by both right wing parties as well.

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