For me, 2 years is a bit long to decide who I will vote for. Everybody hasn't even declared yet! Then there are the 'debates'. I do like it when there are many running and they all get exposure, kinda helps in the decision. As far as Bernie goes - HE IS TOO OLD TO RUN! He is, right now, 77 years old! He will be 79 when he runs and soon to be 80! Life expectancy is approximately 78 years old. So, folks are going to vote for somebody who the odds are against even surviving the 4 years! (I know, this one is a moveable target). Anyway, I have previously expressed my thoughts on a government run by the elderly and I stand by it. I don't think voting for somebody who is 80 years old is a good thing. I am speaking of my own capacities and they are at the top of my age group and that means not a whole lot (I turn 84 next month). My memory is crap, my physical body is not what it was even 5 years ago, etc. Being president is not an easy thing and, I fear, it would wreck somebody who started at 80 years old. So, if you are voting for Bernie I would pay attention to who the vice president was.