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Bernie threw his hat into the ring. Meh. I'm not excited about Bernie this time.

I'd like to see a Biden/Harris ticket - where Biden only stays for 4 years. smile

Harris is one of those candidates who will be swept away. She seems to be running as "not a democratic socialist". But she wants to accomplish the same things.
Biden really is too old. He hasn't kept up and there's no fire in his belly. The only reason he might run is because his dying son asked him to. We all remember Uncle Joe fondly but electing him because we liked Obama isn't the direction the country needs to go and isn't a path I think voters will choose.

So you and I have switched roles this time, Rick. You're going mainstream and I'm going socialist.(or Beto if he runs)

Bernie will be a one term president, of that I think we can be sure. If he succeeds he will pave the way for a new era in American politics and a New Deal of some sort for the working class. His VP will likely be elected in his stead in 2024, much as you imagine with Harris and Biden.

But with Harris and Biden very little will be accomplished as the corporate wing of the party will remain in control.
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